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TBT – Lance

NSFW (2008) I had some great luck with the first ad I ever placed in the model section of Craigslist.  Lance showed up and he was even sexier than the pictures he submitted with the application.  This shoot would accompany an article on a men’s nude yoga group.  I love how his tatt work contrasts against the loveliness of my friends’ home.  patrickmark-lance-1-2patrickmark-lance-3patrickmark-lance-2 patrickmark-lance-4patrickmark-lance-7patrickmark-lance-5patrickmark-lance-2-2patrickmark-lance-8 patrickmark-lance-13 patrickmark-lance-14 patrickmark-lance-15 patrickmark-lance-16 patrickmark-lance-4-2

Sorry about the censoring.  Although Lance was fine with shooting full frontals, he asked that he be masked in some way for the final product.  The pics had text blocks across the middle in the original article, which made more sense than these black swipes.  However, I wanted to share them with you and still keep my agreement with him.




Frost 1

NSFW – This former high school football star has one of the most versatile faces I’ve ever photographed.  He can go from boyish charm to rough prize fighter to heartthrob before you can change a lens.  Part 2 is a can’t miss.patrickmark-frost1-11 patrickmark-frost1-10 patrickmark-frost1-9 patrickmark-frost1-7 patrickmark-frost1-5 patrickmark-frost1-3patrickmark-frost1-16patrickmark-frost1-17patrickmark-frost1-1-2patrickmark-frost1-22patrickmark-frost1-1-3patrickmark-frost1-18patrickmark-frost1-21


TBT – Jon

Early on, many of the men I photographed were people I met while I was out and about. Jon was a barback for OCH in 2008.  A friend approached him about working with me and a few weeks later we did this layout for MANofAUSTIN.  The article was same-sex marriage which was not even a real movement at that time.  I re-finished some of these shots – I didn’t care for my photoshopping skills back then – and added a few shots that didn’t make it into the original article.  This first shot would end up becoming the cover of my very first calendar.patrickmark-jon_tbt-1patrickmark-jon_tbt-17patrickmark-jon_tbt-15 patrickmark-jon_tbt-16 patrickmark-jon_tbt-14 patrickmark-jon_tbt-13 patrickmark-jon_tbt-12 patrickmark-jon_tbt-11 patrickmark-jon_tbt-10 patrickmark-jon_tbt-9 patrickmark-jon_tbt-8 patrickmark-jon_tbt-7 patrickmark-jon_tbt-6 patrickmark-jon_tbt-5 patrickmark-jon_tbt-4 patrickmark-jon_tbt-3 patrickmark-jon_tbt-2 patrickmark-jon_tbt-19


Wes Pt1

My first shoot with Wes Baker is a culmination of more than a year of conversations and finding time to make it happen.  Worth it. patrickmark-wesbaker-patrickmark-wesbaker-08253 patrickmark-wesbaker--12 patrickmark-wesbaker--11 patrickmark-wesbaker--9 patrickmark-wesbaker--8 patrickmark-wesbaker--6 patrickmark-wesbaker--5 patrickmark-wesbaker--3 patrickmark-wesbaker--2 patrickmark-wesbaker-07664 patrickmark-wesbaker--4

Stay tuned for Wes Pt2 coming soon from Patrick Mark Images, Texas-Made Men’s Photographer.



Garren Pt 1

Garren is what you would call a true Texas guy.  Goodlooking, laid back and no bullshit allowed.  A masculine presence that fills the room.  This was his first “real” shoot and certainly not his last.patrickmark-garren-1cpatrickmark-garren-2bpatrickmark-garren-3bpatrickmark-garrend-2patrickmark-garren-10bpatrickmark-garren-9bpatrickmark-garrend-1-2patrickmark-garren-6bpatrickmark-garren-5bpatrickmark-garren-8b



Ransom – Redeux

I found a set I did a few years ago with Ransom out at Hippie Hollow.  This would end up in a Splash edition of MANofAUSTIN magazine.  Only a handful of images made it to the layout so I’m bringing out more of my favorites.

patrickmark-w-3patrickmark-w-7 patrickmark-w-8 patrickmark-w-9You may notice there aren’t many shots of Ransom looking directly into the camera.  The sun was so bright I had to use a reflector that blinded him for most of the shoot.  Poor guy’s eyes were squinted and crying throughout that afternoon but he fucking rocked it out.

My buddy who helped out had his own troubles in the water.  He slipped and plunged into the shoreline.  The reflector and he were okay.  The small video camera he was holding for me in his pocket was wet toast.  I haven’t shot on the water since.  I guess I should take another shot at it.

patrickmark-w-5patrickmark-w-14 patrickmark-w-1patrickmark-w-10 patrickmark-w-13 patrickmark-w-15 patrickmark-w-17

See more of Ransom below (Warning:  Butt shots ahead!)

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If you followed my online mag MANofAUSTIN, then Nate may look familiar.  He was the cover guy for the e-issue #3.   I never published the second half of his layout until now.  I had been shooting in my South Austin apartment for a few years and was running out of places to shoot inside.  Hence the laundry idea, lol.  Admittedly not my best, but Nate made it work.  This is one of those instances where the model just has to make the oddest situation work to his advantage.  He didn’t ask why, just “where do you want me?”  That’s how it’s done.


patrickmark-w-nate-6 patrickmark-w-nate-4 patrickmark-w-nate-5  patrickmark-w-nate-7


After months of working here and there on sessions the last batch is done. I am finally caught up! Time for a new round of shoots. New posts start this week too!