Hunter in Cover Male – from EXHIBIT M Vol 1


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Hunter for a couple of years now.  The shot of him sitting on a roof, feet dangling as he looks onto Austin’s skyline is still a favorite image of mine.  We shot this session about a year ago after Cover Male sent me some of their jockstraps.

patrickmark-exm1-69 patrickmark-exm1-62patrickmark-exm1-63patrickmark-exm1-64 patrickmark-exm1-59 patrickmark-exm1-60

Hunter is available in the premium print edition of EXHIBIT M available now at

Released: EXHIBIT M Vol 1

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Preview #1 of EXHIBIT M Vol 1

EXHIBIT M Vol 1 Preview from Patrick Mark on Vimeo.

The first print issue of EXHIBIT M is on sale this week.  Enjoy this little sneak peek I put together.

The First Cover of Exhibit M!

Exhibit M Vol 1 Preview

Printing issues, content issues, personal issues… whew, Exhibit M has been in the works for almost an entire year!  But, thankfully it is all finally coming together and the first issue has been sent out for final proofing.  Stay tuned!

Look Back – Rush

Patrick Mark - Rush-10

It really is amazing what facial hair does for a guy’s look.  When I first saw Rush he was thin and clean shaven with a portfolio focused on fashion work.  We chatted about setting up a shoot however it wasn’t until a few years later that we synced up for a session.  By that time he was rocking killer facial hair and a stronger build.  Throw in the engaging eye contact and even simple shots like this have a sensuality that is palpable.  Btw, I don’t think I’ve seen a sleeveless tee look sexier.


Patrick Mark - Rush--2 Patrick Mark - Rush-9  Patrick Mark - Rush-16 Patrick Mark - Rush-18 Patrick Mark - Rush-21 Patrick Mark - Rush-26

EXM Preview – Jerry


Patrick Mark - Jerry-12

Over the past two years, Jerry and I have talked many times about doing a shoot and one cold morning in Dallas we finally made it happen.

When I’m not in Austin, I do most of my shoots in hotel suites and it’s back-to-back sessions from check-in to check-out.  I had Jerry scheduled early in the morning on my last day which was tough for him – he’s a bartender with a really late shift.  He finally made it in and we rushed to get in two shoots before my check out time.

Jerry’s a nice guy to work with and takes direction really well.  The second layout which you will see in the premier issue of Exhibit M, my self-published male model magazine due out later this month, required more thoughtful posing and he nailed it.

We wrapped with 30 minutes to spare, just enough time to for me to pack equipment, shower and hit the road back to Austin.


Patrick Mark - Jerry-13 Patrick Mark - Jerry-3


PHOTOG TIP:  I find morning light is the best time to shoot guys with great eyes.  Big windows bring out the natural color beautifully.


Patrick Mark - Jerry-4

EXM Preview – Clifton Mooney



When you live in Austin, it’s easy to appreciate a nice body and excellent tattoo work.  Model Clifton Mooney has both.  I felt like most of the images in his port focused on his amazing body art and I wanted to bring your attention to his eyes and strong looks.

You can see in the last two shots below that Clifton is a perfectly manicured man.  Asking to muss his hair up made him a tiny bit uncomfortable but there is something sexy about the texture that I wanted to come thru for a few shots.

You won’t miss out on seeing his entire tatt work.  More of Clifton is in the premiere issue of my ExhibitM magazine due out this month.


patrickmark-w-cm-16 patrickmark-w-cm-15 patrickmark-w-cm-12 patrickmark-w-cm-10

Patrick Mark - Taylor

EXM – Taylor Fields

Feels good to be back online and finally posting images again.  There are a ton of images coming your way so I hope the wait has been worth it!  First up is West Texas model Taylor Fields.  Taylor and I have been talking about a shoot for almost two years now and it all came together with some awesome weather at the Monahans Sandhills State Park.  Taylor isn’t your typical oil industry good ol’ boy.  He does drive a big truck, but he also gets what it takes to get a good shot.  Btw, I’ve noticed some Facebook comments asking if the curves in his back were photoshopped – in a word, nope – that’s all Taylor.

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2014 Men’s Calendar on the Way!

Woohoo!  Received the proof for my new 2014 calendar in today!  This one is full of some of my (and your) favorite pics featuring Texas men from the online version of MANofAUSTIN Magazine. Yup, for the first time I’m offering images from my online mag in a print version.  A digital version will be available as well.  Details coming this week of where you can buy so stay tuned!

Back in the Saddle

Hey stranger!  Yeah, it’s been a while but I’m gearing up for new updates and images coming to this site very, very soon!