I’m a Texas image artist based in Austin since 2004.  I’ve made my career in the media and it all started with a still camera. Bringing together the location, the model, the lighting and the editing is a creative puzzle I enjoy. I’m also fascinated with the power of the male form.  Not the arrogant display of it, but rather its quiet strength.  That Sunday morning feeling.  When you just don’t give a shit, yet somehow your hair, your skin, your body looks and feels good, really good.  That’s what I shoot for every time I pick up a lens.


EXHIBIT M is my artistic expression of the confident modern man. Masculine, bold and comfortable with turning heads. Each gallery is a tribute to the classic male form wrapped in today’s human experience.

Beginning June 2015, you’ll find new a gallery to browse at least every weekend. Then, every few months I’ll create a compilation of EXHIBIT M for print.  Each volume will feature popular and previously unreleased photos in a magazine format on premium matte paper.

Why print?  I love to see my work in print and I know others appreciate it as well.  Colors come alive, black and white images take on a different mood.  Just feeling the paper between your fingers is something special.  Luckily thru Blurb.com I can offer you a premium magazine experience without the high cost of traditional photo books.


Please share my work, just don’t be a dick about it.  Cropping my watermark doesn’t erase the copyright, it just puts me in a bad mood.  I’ll have to send you a nasty legal letter telling you to pull my pictures, yada, yada, yada.  Play nice and I’ll be cool.  Keep the watermark intact and when possible provide a link back to this site or my social media.  Then everyone wins!

– Patrick Mark



For previews and behind the scenes stuff, join me on Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram (@impatrickmark).


Some images can also be purchased as prints.  Check out the STORE to see what is currently available or contact me at info@patrickmarkimages.com if you have a special request.



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