After recently ending MANofAUSTIN and Texas Male Photography, I am currently working on a creative project and a fitness photo service:


This project is exciting to me as I will actually be taking suggestions from readers, Facebook friends, anyone with an idea for a photo shoot.  It can be one prop, one theme, one message, whatever is in your head (within legal reason.)   I will then draw a suggestion, develop a shoot, hire one male model and alone capture a theme which will go into a photo book.  No stylists, no art director, no extra hands.  This is a real challenge to see what ONE MAN can do when it comes to creating art through photography.

As I finish one photo book then I will draw another suggestion at random. You will be able to follow along online as I develop the shoot on this blog and Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.  The final product will end up as a photo book sold in both print and digital formats.

The best part is that 20% of profits from all sales will be donated to the science of HIV/AIDS research.

I’m excited about this new venture and hope you see that it is a great way to support the arts AND a very worthy cause.


See a sneak peek and order the first book from


1:Romance, An Adult Fable